Wednesday, May 09, 2012

No Shit, Socrates (Contains SPOILERS)

"...The idea that a US Marine from small-town America might convert to Islam, even under such conditions: has this ever happened? Stockholm syndrome, if that’s what it is, is exceptionally unusual for men in uniform (at least volunteers), because their mindset upon capture is different to that of a civilian or reporter". - Ed West, Telegraph

What we have here is the perfect end product of the long backlash against liberalism, however we choose to define that much-maligned concept - a man explaining to his readers that popular entertainment does not always accurately reflect measurable reality, in tones that suggest he fully believes that he is imparting some essential, transcendent revelation.

Coming up next: Special Ed explains that Peppa Pig is cool for kids and all but that the common domestic swine, lacking opposable thumbs, cannot actually manipulate objects with such a high level of dexterity.  This, he will contend, is some kind of anthropomorphic, elitist plot to put us all off eating bacon.


douglas clark said...

Do you actually allow comments? As you have an incredibly quirky / interesting point of view on a lot of subjects it is strange that this site has so few comments. Six, on the basis of what I can see.

Frankly, as you are miles better at finding an angle than most of them, it is a bit sad that so few people come here.

FlyingRodent said...

It's a mixture of changing over from the old Haloscan comments system and only posting about once a month for six months.