Saturday, March 05, 2011

These Red Barrels Filled With Highly Explosive Chemicals Are Vital To The War Effort
by Colonel Mael Radec, 7th Helghan Army

Faster, you fools!  The hated Interplanetary Strategic Alliance will soon attack the Imperial Palace, and we must prepare fortified defensive positions and then place lots of red barrels filled with volatile chemicals next to them.

You up there, in the machine gun nest!  Do you have a clear field of fire?  Excellent.  Short, controlled bursts, soldier, and do not flinch from your duty! And also, put one of these a garishly-coloured containers filled with highly flammable rocket propellant in the centre of your position.

Do not question my orders!  I will have you whipped for your insolence!  How can we expect to defeat the approaching ISA force without needlessly distributing a surfeit of strategically-placed high explosives?  The very idea is ridiculous. 

Our orders are clear.  Emperor Visari has decreed that this time and this place - this is where the ISA's dreams of conquest will be shattered by my iron fist.  This is where the invader will be turned back; where he will taste the bitter poison of his final defeat.  This is where the ISA will learn that Helghan... Our beloved Helghan belongs to the Helghast.

And he will also learn that barrels filled with combustible chemicals tend to explode with great force when they are shot at.

Do not fear, my brothers!  Our will is implacable and our courage unbreakable.  Our arc turrets will tear the enemy to pieces and crush his morale, and the large red barrels placed around them in direct line-of-sight of the enemy will provide extremely dangerous and potentially destructive protection from their feeble weaponry.

Here they come!  To your posts, my brothers, and fight like lions!

Now, to find a suitable vantage point, to observe proceedings.  I must find something to stand upon...

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