Sunday, March 06, 2011

Super Army Soldiers

God love the SAS, really.  Super-soldiery is a tough job and I'm glad they're around in case any embassies are seized by nutters who need silent perforating.  Wouldn't do without 'em.

But really. The most famous SAS escapade I'm aware of is Bravo Two Zero, in which a squad of SAS men are helicoptered into hostile territory; get lost, and then get captured.  Sure, there was some wham-bang action in it, yet you'll notice the Keystone Kops undertones.  Arrive; get lost, captured.

Now, compare and contrast - SAS-backed Libyan diplomatic mission ends in humiliation.
A British diplomatic effort to reach out to Libyan rebels has ended in humiliation as a team of British special forces and intelligence agents left Benghazi after being briefly detained.  The six SAS troops and two MI6 officers were seized by Libyan rebels in the eastern part of the country after arriving by helicopter four days ago.
Jesus.  If an attempt to establish a basic relationship between the UK government and the Libyan rebels goes this well, you have to wonder how awesome it would've been with warplanes and airstrikes.

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