Saturday, May 01, 2010

I'm Supporting 'Em All The Way To The Semi-Final

With the 2010 World Cup in South Africa almost upon us, it's time to start asking the big question that will obsess the press for weeks.

The England squad have finally found a competent manager, are fielding perhaps their strongest team in years and are in a qualifying group that's only a little tougher than a bye to the knockout stage.

Which prompts the urgent question - Which treacherous Scotch will stab poor England in the back this time?

It's an important issue. Previous years have seen contenders such as walking white-guy afro Andy Murray and former First Minister Jack McConnell traitorously refusing to support Britain's only representatives, or even worse - actively rooting for everyone else.

As a shocked nation was rocked to its very core, article after article splattered our eyeballs with endless, sobbing, self-pitying boo-hoo, fiery fuck-yous over racist indifference or antipathy to the team.

Well, it's World Cup time again and a host of Scottish sports stars, minor celebrities and politicians are steeling themselves to answer the inevitable journo question - Will you be supporting England at the World Cup? Even as I write this, I can almost hear the inevitable I don't really care about football and Probably nots, thus kicking off a firestorm of tabloid fury.

The question is, exactly which Scotsman or woman is going to play Lord Haw-Haw this time? Readers, register your vote for Most Treacherous Scotch in the poll below...

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