Saturday, July 04, 2009

Nazi Sympathies - Ur Doin It Rong

Bernie Ecclestone's PR team will be pulling their hair out tonight after the pint-sized F1 supremo bravely took on the idea of democracy and bigged up Adolf Hitler.

Bernie obviously hasn't got the message - in Britain, famous people who give props to fascists and white supremacists get pages and pages of denunciation as every joker with a newspaper column lines up to put the boot into them for their idiocy.

The way to do it is to be an average nobody like the rest of us, and then vote for the still-living fascists and white supremacists of the BNP. That way, every joker with a newspaper column will line up to stroke their chins, sympathise and justify your idiocy by bleating about multiculturalism.

See, anyone can call Bernie Ecclestone a twat and a dunce, and be lauded for recommending that the public laugh at his stupid opinions. Mind, if there was a mild political benefit to be gained by urging the government to listen to Ecclestone's Very Real Concerns About Immigration And Integration, half the papers in the country would be doing so.

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