Saturday, April 04, 2009

Local Libertarian "Astonished" By Science Fiction Novel's Gritty Realism
Libertarian News, 4th April 2009

Morningside libertarian Darius Clockfarmer was yesterday "dumbstruck, amazed and astonished" by Ayn Rand's gripping, prophetic novel Atlas Shrugged.

Eyes wide in wonderment, Clockfarmer told
Libertarian News that the Sci-Fi/Fantasy epic had "opened (his) eyes... and shown (him) how the world really works."

"I immediately recognised the reality Rand was painting in the novel," he said. "When I read the seventy-third contrived miniature morality play, unconvincingly deployed to illustrate the cruel persecution of a small clique of honest, beautiful, hard-working, plutocratic, billionaire capitalist ubermenschen at the hands of a horde of jealous, dim-witted, socialist ogres, I just thought to myself - this is
my life I'm reading about here".

47 year old IT consultant Clockfarmer described himself as "totally pumped" after finishing Rand's chilling true-life fantasy epic.

"It just pushed all my buttons," he told us. "I've spent my entire coddled life living in exceptional plushness, having had access to the best education that money can buy, but I still believe that I'm mercilessly persecuted... Like Rand, there's nothing I enjoy more than whining and bitching about the remorseless evil of a cackling band of looters and moochers who exist only in my mind".

"I especially love the way that Rand's depiction of a secretive fifth-column of greedy, grasping, ugly schemers using their dim cunning to steal, betray and manipulate is in no way reminiscent of the nastiest anti-semitic propaganda of the 1930s".

Rand's 1957 opus is a chillingly accurate depiction of a ludicrous right wing fantasy universe populated by laughable, one-dimensional charicatures. Star Trekkily, it's a world of cars that run on thin air, "magic metal", sonic weaponry and frankly silly camouflage technologies.

"It's like somebody took all of my most passionate interests - whining about non-existent persecution, pleasuring myself with priapic revenge fantasies and daydreaming about rough sex with submissive females - and wrote a book about it," Clockfarmer said.

"Mind you, even I got bored by that fucking 50-page speech at the end."

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