Friday, April 10, 2009

Ed Miliband Will Kill The Green-Hair And Eat His Heart

By Chief Ed Miliband, Minister For The Last Of The Milibandians

Ed Miliband simple warrior. Ed Miliband live with tribe, like make wind turbine.

One day, the Green Hair come with planning objection, say - no wind turbine. Ed Miliband must take wind turbine and shove wind turbine up Ed Miliband's arse.

Ed Miliband's heart broken. His heart will be whole again on the day the Green Hair and his seed are dead!

Ed Miliband will put the children of the Green Hair under his knife before the Green Hair's eyes, then Ed Miliband will kill the Green Hair and eat his heart.

Ed Miliband's wind turbine good. Wind turbine make Ed Miliband's tribe happy. Wind turbine make energy sustainable, meet green energy targets for 2009/10.

Then Green Hair say, no wind turbine. Wind turbine blot on landscape. Green Hair say, Not In My Back Yard.

Ed Miliband's ancestors cry out for vengeance from great wind farm in sky!

Ed Miliband will have vengeance on the Green Hair. First, he will make all opposition to wind turbine socially unacceptable, like not wearing seat belt or beating wife after night on firewater.

Then, Ed Miliband will put the children of the Green Hair under his knife. The Green Hair will die by Ed Miliband's hand!

Then Ed Miliband's heart will be whole, and Ed Miliband can focus on re-election campaign for Big Chief Gordon Brown.

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