Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! (Yet More Bloody Lists)

Anybody else suffering deja vu?

I never talk about Israel/Palestine on this blog if I can help it, since the issue is a guaranteed tosser-magnet, but it appears that we are stuck in a time-warp... Those who don't read history are condemned to act like utter wankers indefinitely, it seems.

Had I been knocked out in the summer of 2006 and woken up today, I wouldn't see anything amiss. We've got the Israelis engaged in mass bombardment of heavily-populated urban areas in pursuit of unachievable goals, while much of the world's media waxes lyrical about how bombing cities in pursuit of unachievable goals is perfectly sensible;

The Decent Left are once again proving why they are one of Britain's nastiest political sects, and;

Lots of people I've always thought of as reasonable and rational have, frankly, lost their damn minds.

I'll cheerfully say that I regard bloggers' responses to the 2006 assault on Beirut as the most shameful incident in the already embarrassing history of the form - essentially, an avalanche of mendacious, lying bullshit designed to convince people to support a murderous, pointless bombing campaign. And yet, here we are again.

Let's run through what happened last time and see how this round of pointless death and destruction compares to 2006...

- Terrorists are evil, ergo the faction I support can kill as many civilians as it likes with total impunity; (Check)

The Palestinians are Hitler, it is 1939 and I Am Churchill. (Check)

This situation is a horrible tragedy and I personally feel terrible about the lives lost, but what the hell, let's get bombing, people! (Check)

Anyone who says that bombing cities in pursuit of pointless goals isn't moral is a disgusting anti-semitic Nazi who thirsts for genocide. (Check)

- Some bloke somewhere waved a placard saying We Are All Hezbollah, ergo anyone who says that bombing cities in pursuit of unachievable goals isn't moral is a disgusting, pro-jihadist Nazi who thirsts for genocide. (Cross, but I suspect it's in the post)

Some guy with a website compared some photos and proved that cruise missiles are surgical instruments for the laser-accurate vaporisation of evil; that they never kill any innocents, ever, and that anyone who says otherwise is a disgusting, pro-genocide genocidalist who thirsts for genocide. (Cross, but see above)

The BBC, the International Red Cross, Reuters, The Guardian, ITV, CNN, The New York Times, Channel Four, the Independent and hundreds of other media outlets are actively working with terrorists by failing to report the conflict according to my fucknut prejudices; (Cross - I haven't seen anything worse than stupid blog commenters, but no doubt that's in the post too.)

Decent Leftist incapable of saying Bombing cities in pursuit of unachievable goals isn't moral without also tacking on a lot of semi-hysterical shite about the horrible opinions of unnamed lefties. (Check)

Melanie Phillips goes doom-bonkers, humiliates self. (Check)

...And on it goes. I'm neither a military specialist nor a political analyst, but during the 2006 campaign I argued with many, many wingnuts that...

a) the Israelis' war aims were unachievable, and had probably been drawn up by morons;

b) that bombing petrol stations, ports, bridges, random cars, blocks of flats and such were easily-identified war crimes; that anyone saying otherwise had shat on his or her reputation and that their pronouncements should be treated thereafter as inherently suspect;

c) that the Israelis dropping a bunker-buster on Mrs. Rodent, for instance, because she lived in the same building as a terrorist would cause me to think more nasty thoughts about the Israelis, and not less; and that

d) rather than being destroyed, Hezbollah would emerge more popular than ever.

If anyone can think of a reason why we should expect a different outcome this time, comments are below.

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