Saturday, September 13, 2008

ZaNu-Labour's Elitist Contempt For The Hard-Working British Coward

(Guest post by Harvey Cashburger, Barking Mentalism Correspondent)

Of the countless treasonous crimes committed by the Socio-fascist psychopaths of ZaNu Labour, there is one act of treachery so infamous, so loathsome and reprehensible, that their usual totalitarian machinations pale in comparison.

I speak, of course, of their wilful refusal to allow the hard-working British coward to acquire a sizeable arsenal of firearms for the defence of his home, hearth and his quivering yellow backside.

The good-hearted Briton is a humble creature, and slow to violence... Yet as the televisual news informs him of the latest scandalous atrocity, he is prone to wistful reveries in which he wedges the barrel of a shotgun into the mouth of some hypothetical yob, bades him kneel and forces the ruffian to acknowledge ones nakedly superior virility.

Even as the nation sinks beneath great tidal waves of villainy and outrage, the elitist, anti-British tyrants of ZaNu Labour offer only cheers of joy, glorying in the knowledge that the decent, ordinary Briton lies utterly prostrate at the feet of the thugs his masters have coddled. Deprived of his most basic liberty - the right to thrust a small pistol into the ear of any footpad who confounds ones sense of vulnerability, inform him that he is but a little bitch and command him to address one as Daddy - it is surely but a matter of time until every man in this nation will be required by law to drop to his knees before snarling packs of feral youngsters and perform the most degrading acts of oral gratification upon them.

Such is the unavoidable future of a nation that places the so-called "human rights" of criminals above the common, craven man's inalienable right to fire ferocious volleys of white-hot lead into burglars, hoodlums and children bent on "retrieving their football" from one's property!

But, comes the quibble of the liberal elitist, If the mere existence of notional criminals reduces you to a whimpering, quaking human wreck who lies awake of a night dreaming of righteous murder, why not learn a martial art ?

Such is the foolishness of the ivory-tower dwelling socialists who have wrecked once-Great Britain!

What, pray, shall these "martial arts" do to assist the elderly, the infirm, or those who are so mortally terrified of imagined violence that they befoul their vestements in dread at the slightest prospect? What of those who simply cannot stomach the least amount of physical exertion, and pine priapically for the instantaneous, grovelling obedience that only a powerful handgun confers? Pish, I say!

ZaNu Labour have bequeathed to this blighted nation an unstoppable blitzkreig of horror and butchery, yet they have not even the decency to grant the right to bear arms to the decent, the ordinary and the utterly spineless.

I shall never forgive them, and I can assure you that should I ever acquire a firearm, I shall hunt down my Parliamentarian and give him the sound pistol-whipping he so thoroughly deserves before throwing him senseless over the bonnet of my Lexus and proving my Alpha-male status by thrusting - (Snip - editor)

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