Monday, September 15, 2008

One Long, Extended Whine Of Self-Pity And Bitter Resentment

Before yesterday's US bank disaster, I didn't own a pot to piss in.

Today, I've awoken to discover that the price of piss-pots has risen.

Shooing the cockroaches away from the smoking debris of my finances and picking through the wreckage it looks like the long and glorious period of 2004-2008, during which I could get by on the income from a single job, is coming to an end. Unless I can find a job that pays substantially better, it's going to be back to putting in a full day at the office then pulling pints and cleaning up sick 'til half past one in the morning.

I'd hoped that having to work two jobs was just something you had to endure in your early twenties, but it seems it's just the way of the modern world... But let us not despair. Let us instead take comfort in the sage words of the Great Leader Of British Blogging, Mr. Guido Fawkes...

"Capitalism is a system of profit and loss. Nobody should be too big to fail. Wall Street will figure out a way of making money again. Capitalism in crisis? Don't count on it, there will be new fortunes made clearing up the mess. Meantime, gold looks due a bounce..."

Thank goodness for that. I, for one, look forward to investing my fat reserves of fuck-all in gold, the better to take advantage of this impending bonanza of riches.

If only Mr. Fawkes had appended one of his trademark tirades on how only the absolute destruction of government and the subsequent coronation of the same free-market wizards who brought us today's bust will result in a shower of golden ponies for all, I wouldn't have these lingering concerns.

Incidentally, would this be a good time to point out that one of my grandfathers was able to raise six children, own a home and a car and take modest holidays on a site engineer's wages?

Or that the other, on the income he earned maintaining and repairing cinema projectors, was able to do the same for a family of three?

Even in the early eighties, my Dad - a car mechanic - was able to support a family on only one pay-packet.

There's surely a lesson to be learned here. I'll be sure to ponder the question long and hard while I'm cleaning huge stacks of fucking ashtrays.

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