Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Heart Just Broke For The Cause

“I imagine had I grown up in Belfast I would have 100 percent joined the IRA... My heart just broke for the cause and I have a lot of respect for the intelligence and the honor that these people carried."

...So said Planet Terror actress Rose McGowan, leading to a predictable outcome.

Sure, it's easy to laugh and wave wanker-hands at Hollywood stars for such ramblings, but should we be so quick to judge? After all, the '70s and '80s were tough times for everyone, especially in industrial heartlands like Belfast.

I mean, what kind of wages are we talking about here? Terrorism's a steady job, and the Provos might've been offering an attractive final salary pension scheme. Would she have been able to break through the glass ceiling to the delegating-atrocities level, or would she have been stuck stirring the fertiliser and knee-capping joyriders forever?

I think it's only fair to pause for reflection before we shower Ms. McGowan with the clammy piss of derision. Me, I think her thoughts on this matter have been motivated by the radicalising power of cinema. I paid good money to see one of her films - Phantoms, I think - and after only twenty minutes I felt like mounting my own dirty protest right there in the theatre.

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