Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fuckyounomics In Crisis

As our current financial clusterfuck spreads and deepens, slaughtering the great and good with giddy abandon, one question is on everyone's lips - will the fuckyounomic system survive?

I don't think you have to be a committed Marxist to recognise that this particular fuckyounomic disaster - merely the latest in an astonishing string of slapstick fuck-ups - is the entirely predictable result of treating markets as if they were deities, businessmen as if they were saints and theorists as if they were priests.

Regular readers will be able to guess where I'd place ultimate responsibility and won't need another lecture on the subject, so let me summarise by saying A large number of people who have served in government in English-speaking countries and innumerable ideologues and conmen who made their fortunes selling pyramid schemes to the upwardly-mobile.

That said, I notice that lots of people - of whom Grauniad dipshit Seumas Milne is only one - have decided that capitalism as we know it is dead, and are speculating on the world's fuckyounomic future.

If anyone's willing to take the bet on, I've got a tenner that says whatever modified system we adopt will funnel practically all of its profits to those who already possess great wealth and that it'll greatly reward the ruling elites of nations all over the world, while conferring scant benefits on the poor majority.

I also predict that, fifteen years from now, the hot topics at the highest level of government will be deregulation and incentivisation, and that the pages of the world's newspapers will be filled with rah-rah, sabre-rattling free trade horseshit peddled by Friedman-quoting frauds with sharp suits and dazzling stock portfolios.

Or, who knows, maybe it'll be a socialist utopia. Any takers for that bet?

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