Sunday, August 10, 2008

You's Fancy Pants

To every dumbass currently asking why lefties aren't going nuts, demanding that Russia stop bombing Georgia...

People like me, I think, want to see a ceasefire, as soon as possible. In certain previous wars, the very twats currently demanding our vociferous condemnation wanted to see a sustainable ceasefire.

That's the difference between us, peeps - a basic disagreement on what the words Anti-war mean. Speaking only for myself, when I say Let's not have a war, I mean it. You lot, you's fancy-pants, all a' youse.

Update!: Fucking hell, Vladimir Putin - and this is Vladimir "Nice Grozny You Have There, Shame If I Bombed It Flat Then Sent In More Bombers When The Rescue Workers Came Out To Help The People Who Have Been Bombed" Putin is now accusing the Georgians of committing genocide.

Seriously, this traffic warden genocided my Nissan Micra with a parking ticket on Tuesday...

Goddamn, and I thought us westerners knew how to devalue language - witness the abuse done to the word "Freedom" in recent years.

"Genocide"? KGB bullshit, more like.

Double Update!: Wait - I meant FSB bullshit. Times change, after all.

Triple Update!: Pigdogfucker has thoughts on this issue, although he sensibly posted his when he was sober.

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