Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In The Tyrannical Autocracy Of The Rodent

When I sieze power in a horrifically violent military coup, my first edict will call for the immediate rounding up of all who have ever used the phrase political correctness without, in fact, having the slightest understanding of what it means beyond stuff what I don't like.

They will then be taken to a public place and kicked up the arse to death.

The second will be a series of Draconian restrictions on anyone who has ever used the phrase so-called experts; all of them will be forced to seek medical advice only from witch doctors, financial advice from the first bloke standing at the bar in their local and I.T. support from my mate John, whose approach to hardware maintenance resembles a gorilla's aggression-display-to-attack pattern.

All of this is because I am a depraved, totalitarian sociofascist whose sole, maniacal obssession is the control of your thoughts by banning decent, hard-working people from exercising the right to free speech.

What, does that upset you? Tell it to the language Commissars, maggots! They are the law!

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