Thursday, July 17, 2008

Musical Appreciation For Beginners, Pt. 1 - Cocksucking Corporate Rock

The fact that gurning shite-rockers Nickelback's latest roll of aural bumwipe is now being used to sell cut-price sofas* is both unsurprising and horribly appropriate.

Hopefully, it's a sign that no-talent ass-clown Chad Kroeger has blown the entirety of his ill-gained fortune on drugs, gold-digging women and stupid, bleepy gadgets covered in flashing lights for goggling 30-year-old toddlers.

If there's any justice, his only remaining career option will involve having a stick shoved up his arse by a hatchet-faced Thai fishwife who will then mop up the splatters in a Bangkok ladyboys' knocking-shop with his stupid fucking beard.

*Warning to music lovers - do not click on this link. I did, and I was forced to rip off my own ears and burn them with a blowtorch.

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