Friday, April 11, 2008

One For The Football Fans

Previous experience tells me there's one or two football fans who visit here, so here's a quick question... Celtic Cup - Yes or No?

I'm hugely in favour myself. I've a few mates who are rugger types and I think we miss out by not playing our neighbours regularly. I couldn't give a monkey's for rugby, but they do look like they enjoy it, don't they?

Given the generally friendly relations between the Celtic countries, this sounds like it'll be great fun all round. The atmosphere around the games will be much more like the Six Nations than regular international football, and it's a great excuse for a weekend holiday.

I'm inclined to dismiss the general complaint that the teams won't take it that seriously, because I know that the fans won't take it very seriously either - win, lose or draw, it'll be viewed as an opportunity to get away from it all for a good drink and a bit of a laugh with mates.

And now the bad part - fixture congestion has knocked the competition back to 2011. Worse, it looks like they're intent on playing the ties in February and May, so we can kiss goodbye to players from the big English and Scottish clubs. While it'd be a good opportunity to give young players a go in high-profile games, it doesn't help put bums on seats.

If the tournament goes ahead, is there a reason why they can't do it over two weeks after the season has finished? Surely the tournament would attract far more attention if it dominated the sport headlines in a traditionally quiet part of the year, and everybody likes summer football.

In favour, against or don't care? Is the rugby analogy offensive to football fans? Will it work with the fragmented-fixture set-up? Will they even do it, or is it all just bullshit?

Those who care, fire away...

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