Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yet More Lies From The BBC

It seems there's no end to the alarmism of the British media, as the BBC warn us of the grave threat that killer ladybirds pose to Scotland.

This is, simply, scaremongering nonsense and a clear breach of the BBC's duty to inform its viewers responsibly. I've seen them in my mum's garden, and I'm confident that I could take a ladybird in a square-go, no matter how pissed off it is.

If these cocksure, insect thugs did start rampaging about the country hassling kids and old people, I'd be glad to personally travel the entire nation kicking each one's gaily-patterned arse into next week. I'll take them ten at a time, to speed up the process.

Honestly, the media... Always overreacting. There was a programme on TV the other day about how gorillas are threatened. Well, if you ask me, anyone stupid enough to threaten a gorilla deserves everything they get, and I have no sympathy.

Whatever happened to simple common sense, for God's sake?

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