Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Denial Watch

In the post below, I mentioned how I have more respect for people who say exactly what they mean with no weasel words or messing about.

I'm used to euphemism and self-deception, but this latest example is a new one on me - a conversation with a work colleague about her favourite TV shows leads on to gangling, freak-baiting Hugh-Grantalike Louis Theroux, and a show he did about porn movies.

One of the featured actors was a supposedly straight man appearing in gay sex movies, who identified himself as "Gay-For-Pay", i.e. rampantly macho and heterosexual, but perfectly happy to be hosed at both ends for a few hundred dollars.

Now, call me an old traditionalist if you will, but I don't think you have to coin a hyphenated neologism in this instance. I think that appropriate terms already exist for men who enthusiastically partake in this kind of sexual behaviour, and they include "Gay," "Homosexual," or even "Bisexual".

If you don't believe me, consider this - when I first took a full time job in the public sector, I earned less than £8000 a year while trying to pay rent on a flat in central Edinburgh. This left me a bit short of cash, so I took a job working nights and weekends in a local pub.

I wasn't offered the opportunity to act as a screeching cock-receptacle, but I'm willing to bet that even in those times of scarcity I could find another way of making ends meet, so to speak.

"Gay-For-Pay"... honestly. Next, you'll be telling me that Libertarian means "Principled stance in defence of liberty and privacy," rather than "Hands off my fucking Lexus, hippies."

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