Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Pussification Of The Western Male

A curse upon the PC Brigade and all their works, for the Pussification of the Western Male continues apace - truly, they will not be satisfied until all men are reduced to quivering, mewling femininity.

Don't believe me?

Just this week, the Prime Minister shamefully announced that 1000 British soldiers would be withdrawn from Iraq, betraying the promise we made to its people.

Oh for the days of Tony Blair, a leader with balls of steel - Blair would never flinch from ordering the armed forces to drive in circles around Basra to be shot at and blown up by the locals. Blair would face down his critics and say, We are prepared to make the required blood-sacrifice, and if that means ordering soldiers to dodge bullets and IEDs for no good reason, then by God I will!

There was a leader who wasn't afraid to play meaningless gesture politics with the lives of others.

But that's not even the worst of it - oh no. Now, we can't even deport refugees to be tortured in Sudan without being subjected to a load of whining about their so-called "human rights".

Well, if you ask me, as soon as you decide not to be a white, British anglo-saxon protestant, you lose all of your so-called "human rights" - if you don't even have the basic decency to be born in Britain, frankly, you deserve everything you get.

What kind of country have we created in which a British policeman cannot shoot whoever he wants, whenever he wants, as many times as he wants, without having to answer a lot of impertinent questions?

And, frankly, a world in which a gang of red-blooded American mercenaries can't machine gun a marketplace without being harrassed by the political correctness police is not a world in which I wish to live.

Fie, a pox on these touchy-feely Hampstead liberals, for they have made great, simpering jessies of us all.

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