Saturday, October 13, 2007

In Praise Of Scottish Brainpower

Following Scotland's sensational 3-1 victory over Ukraine today, I thought I'd offer a salute to the intelligence and savvy of the Scottish footballer.

Pictured right is Celtic and Scotland midfielder Scott Brown - as fine an example of Scottish skill and technique as could be found.

Last season, he played for Edinburgh club Hibernian, under manager-cum-Eurotrash-playboy John Collins.

For reasons known only to themselves, there was a rebellion amongst the players, and a group of them visited Hibs owner Tom Farmer at his house to demand that the manager Collins be removed.

Everything was sorted out, but a week later Scott Brown was interviewed by a BBC reporter...

BBC Reporter: Scott Brown, were you one of the players that visited (Hibs Owner) Tom Farmer's house?

Scott Brown: I don't know.

Heartfelt tribute to the geniuses of the Scottish team - you have done us all proud, despite your mental impairments.

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