Thursday, September 27, 2007

Looked Like a Penalty To Me - But What Does George Galloway Think?

What's the world outside Britain for? What possible purpose can be served by the great swarm of non-British humanity?

I ask because, if one were to take a cursory tour around the blogs, one might think that the globe is just a massive ideological battlefield upon which the designated friends and foes of the West act out their moral conflicts, heading inevitably towards strip-mall shopping modernity.

Take the example of the current repression in Burma, for instance - you might think that the most urgent question taxing bloggers would be How might we best support the protesters?

Of course, this doesn't seem to be the case - the most vital question is What silliness will the tiny, far-left grouplets use to wedge this into their "anti-imperialist" worldview?

Well, how about Who gives a shit? What about Who the hell cares?

It's a phenomenon I've noted before. So great is the cynicism over politics in the UK, that right and left are forced to look abroad for titanic struggles with which to cudgel their domestic foes.

Not that we're actually talking about people or places that exist in reality - whether we're talking about Burma, Israel/Palestine or Iraq, all seem to occupy an alternate dimension of absolute moral clarity, clamouring for supportive blog posts from concerned westerners.

Perhaps I'm too cynical, and this isn't a form of narcissism. Perhaps it isn't demonstrative tubthumping to promote one's immense personal morality.

On the off-chance that I'm right, here's a suggestion - rather than showing your solidarity with oppressed Palestinian paramilitaries, why not get a season ticket for your local football team?

If you while away the evenings posting logical contradictions to justify Israeli violence, why not spend your Saturdays at Elland Road instead? The boxing will take place right before your eyes, and you'll be able to judge who started it without consulting Wikipedia.

Football's really just a scratching post for aggressive urges, and you might find that an afternoon's screaming at the ref will enable you to look at the issues of the day in a calm and reflective manner!

And who knows? Perhaps, if all these British activists turned their gimlet eyes homewards, we might even start to read political analysis that strays beyond They're all a bunch of thieving bastards.

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