Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not So Hot, Karl

Having lamented Rummy's guillotining in the political mousetrap, it's only fair to note fat rat Karl Rove's headlong scurry for the lifeboats.

Rove's career highlights have been noted elsewhere, as the American media pile richly deserved scorn upon his once-glowing reputation as a political genius - what I'm yet to read is a single journo admitting their complicity in creating that golden image.

See, I read a lot of American news. I recall many a profile of Rove in the past seven years or so, and they only turned abusive when the President's poll numbers tanked into the toilet. Before that - well, it was Rove the Boy-Wonder, Rove the Political Guru, Red-Hot Karl the Baron of the Beltway.

As Matt Taibbi once wrote, you would've thought Rove was a modern Tom Sawyer, cleverly tricking America into whitewashing his Aunt's picket fence.

And yet there's nothing innovative about fragging your opponents by blasting them with traitor-bombs, just as there's nothing clever about squeaking elections by snuggling up to snake-handlers, bigots and lunatics.

As if frightening swing voters into ticking your box by flooding the airwaves with tongue-kissing gays in Massachusetts was the height of political acumen!

The New York Times' editorial today bemoans the damage he wrought, yet I can't see the paper asking itself how such a man could rise to a position of power.

Well, in much the same way monomaniacs like Kissinger and Nixon did - by gaining the consent of the media and political establishment with earnest, confident bullshit. It worked for Yeltsin, Putin, Berlusconi and Blair, and it'll work for the glorious frauds that follow them.

I ordinarily avoid bloggers who spend their lives bitching about the evil EmEssEm, but if it had been doing its job when it mattered then the world might have avoided some of the seven years of bullshit sombre hacks are bemoaning today.

Karl Rove, a grubby little fearmonger who deals in lies, evasion and deceit?

Well, no shit. Any others in the pipeline you'd like to warn us about?

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