Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just How Desperate Must Al-Qaeda Be?

That 21/7 failed bombing plot?

This guy was the brains of the operation.

That may explain the both the ineptitude of the operation (non-exploding bombs, running away, your underpant-clad capture being broadcast to the nation) and the stupidity of their defence in court (they were, like, joke bombs, your honour.)

Nonetheless, it does seem that Mr. Ibrahim (for it is he) has perfected the ultimate counter-intelligence weapon - disguise yourself as a lobotomised, donut-munching couch-beast, and MI5 will never believe that you could be a criminal mastermind.

I only hope, for Mr. Ibrahim's sake, that his oafish appearance also functions as a crude anti-bumrape device, or he's going to find the next forty years very, very tiresome.

In other twat-related news, I notice that cave-dwelling internet celebrity Ayman Al-Zawahiri has condemned Salman Rushdie's knighthood.

Everyone's a critic, eh?

I thought Fury was pretty weak too, but frankly it just smacks of jealousy on Al-Zawahiri's part.

I mean, have you ever read Knights Under the Prophet's Banner?

I'll summarise it for you - everything invented after 900 AD is bad, except for webcams and AK47s, and you must all crusade against x, y and z and live on a mountain with only goats to satisfy your sinful lusts and blah, blah, blah.

Actually, there's a lot more about goats than you'd initially expect.

Personally, I thought the characterisation was poor and the sex scenes felt rather forced, but there are some cracking gun battles.

Still, I imagine that he's not had much time to do publicity for his book, what with all the lurking in caves and burbling a load of apocalyptic drivel at a camera every now and then.

But really Ayman, sour grapes and all that.


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