Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Flying Rodent Rendered Obsolete

Regular readers will know that I keep harping on about a connection between Britain's constant backlash against modernity and our problems with crazy fundamentalists.

Open a newspaper on any given day and you'd think that the country was drowning in crime, moral decay and degradation. Given a soapbox from which to denounce their compatriots, the average Brit seems to transform into a sainted martyr, decrying the drunkenness, depravity and villainy of the nation.

You may also recall that I've noted how useful the backlash is for extremists of all stripes, serving as a primer in the black arts of victimhood, tortured nobility and righteous vengeance.

Well, I no longer need to satirise - geriatric crank Peregrine Worsthorne has drop-kicked me into the dustbin of history.

"So far, however, as a nation we have shied away from even trying to make Britain more lovable for the Muslim majority, out of fear that this might seem to involve pandering to the terrorists. But is this necessarily so?"

I urge you to read the whole thing - it's a classic of the genre, incorporating disdain for the depravity of modern Britain, with its immodest public displays, and the firm conviction that something must be done.

Isn't it a coincidence that previously foiled Jihadists were planning attacks on chav hangouts like the Bluewater Shopping Centre or the "dancing slags" at the Ministry of Sound? We shouldn't be taken aback at this week's slapstick attack on binge-drink bar Tiger Tiger.

They certainly wouldn't have to surf extremist websites to be told that such places are an abomination when they could pick up the same message at any newsagent in the land.

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