Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Passion Of Saint Bernard

I've been something of a connoisseur of internet lunatics for a long time.

It's a rewarding, if occasionally alarming, pastime. Trying to keep a grasp upon the slippery logic in a post at Gates of Vienna, for instance, is much like watching a man attempting to work his head up his backside - utterly horrifying, yet weirdly compelling.

In all my years picking through the angry vomit of vengeful minds, however, I have never clapped eyes on a post like the one at Harry's Place today - occasional poster Brownie has pulled off an unthinkable feat by penning a screed even more spectacularly wrongheaded and flatulent than the comments that follow it.

In attempting to rehabilitate the reputation of the recently deceased Bernard Manning - a British comedian famous solely for the jaw-dropping racism of his material - Brownie performs a double-flip with a half-pike and a twist, landing cat-like upon the words Not racist.

My personal favourite is the part where Brownie insists that Manning's act was acceptable because he didn't live in the American deep South, a joyous leap into the abyss of illogic that would cause the Instapundit to arch an eyebrow.

Bear in mind that this is Harry's Place, a gaggle of witch-hunting Decent Lefties whose near-bloodhound sense of smell has previously detected rampant racism and anti-semitism in pizza slices, defending a comedian who made a comfortable living cranking out pig-ignorant stereotypes of Jews, blacks and Asians.

If Manning's act featured even a hint of self-awareness, I'd allow a little leeway - sadly, he was possessed of all the grace and elan of a pissed brontosaurus on a unicycle, and his entire act was a sorry mish-mash of gags about unwashed Pakistanis and black mens' dicks.

So what are we to make of this? It's only fair to note that at least half of the commentariat stamp furiously upon this suggestion as if it were a flaming turd on their doorstep, but I think we're seeing a more significant shift towards a case of full-blown Wingnuttus Maleficum.

Time will tell, but the fervent liberal-baiting in the comments bodes ill - various commenters queue up to attack the obvious villians of the piece, i.e. Guardian readers, Guardianistas, Guardian-reading lefties etc. etc.

Don't get me wrong - I've hunted and strangled hundreds of Guardianistas with my bare hands, as it happens - but at this level of lunacy it's surely only a matter of time before a small, bouncing green football appears atop the mast of the flagship of Decent discourse.

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