Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Islamofascists Want To Destroy Everything I Hate About This Country
By Melanie Phillips

It is with regret that I must chronicle the sharp plunge of Britain into the sewer.

The country I have loved since birth is now a third-world state brought down from within by traitors and useful idiots. The fifth-columnists of the media have brought this disgusting country to its knees, and now we await the fatal stroke from the bejewelled scimitar of Islam.

Or so it seems, but even yet there is hope - if the ancient, glorious cesspool we call Britain can cast aside its vicious, hateful anti-semitism and confront this urgent threat, there is yet hope that our stinking, putrescent nation may be delivered from the dread shadow of Dhimmitude.

If only our leaders would listen to me, Melanie Phillips, they would realise that we must immediately trap the politically-correct rats gnawing at the diseased ankles of this scabrous, syphillitic crackwhore - the scabrous, syphillitic crackwhore named Great Britain.

We must reject the servile professors of Britain's Dhimmiversities (whose eventual execution I do not relish in the slightest), not least for their failure to acknowledge the evolution of fanatical extremism in this country.

Not that I believe in evolution, since it is not a fact but a theory with holes in it.

And global warming is bollocks too.

Please buy my book.

(This has been Wingnut 101 with Melanie Phillips - Next week, Canada's leading asshole Mark Steyn tells us of his immense regret at the imminent destruction of Europe, leftist shithole that it is.)

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