Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Forth, Rosinante!

So, Don Tony has finally ridden into the sunset atop the flea-bitten nag of his international reputation to begin a new career tilting futilely at the immovable windmills of the world's most intractable blood-feuds.

Today, his faithful manservant Sancho Gordo will begin a seemingly impossible task - that of rebuilding public faith not merely in the Labour Party, but in British politics itself.

Blair's terminal years should please the (cough, hack) libertarians, at any rate, seemingly proving their contention that politicians act purely in their own interest and offer the public nothing.

After all, public confidence in politicians is at an all-time low, registering below traditionally hated professions such as journalism and the law. Given the relentless storms of empty rhetoric, scarlet-faced scandals and military missteps of recent years, it's going to be a tough task.

At the heart of this sorry mess sits Tony Blair, looking as guilty as a panting panda sitting next to a well-chewed bamboo sex doll.

Today, the Tory establishment's assault on the Brown government commences - he'll be too free with taxpayers' money, too meek before our European cousins, too fat, too graceless, too ugly, too Scottish. Brown could dig into his own pocket to buy each citizen a chocolate tit filled with vintage champagne and still be denounced for his miserliness.

That's a given - I'm more interested to see how British bloggers respond. After all, with Blair to kick around, differences were set aside in the pursuit of the Prime Ministerial hide.

As of tomorrow, that cozy arrangement is over - it's a good bet that at least half the bloggers in Britain will spend the day kicking Brown's ministerial appointments to pieces, and it'll all be downhill from there.

In America, the internet hums with rancorous vendettas as left and right bombard each other with stink bombs - will we see the same thing here?

I guess we'll find out today, won't we?

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