Saturday, May 12, 2007

Movie Review

28 Years Later (18)
Dir: M. Thatcher

London, 1979 - Disaster consumes Britain as a highly contagious virus escapes from a monetarist think-tank and infects a small cadre of senior Conservative politicians.

The virus, known as "Rage", causes the "infected" to devolve into feral monsters, lashing out violently at innocent bystanders, slashing top-rate taxes and crushing all resistance.

The Rage-fuelled Tories unleash a firestorm of violence and terror upon the country, driven by maniacal fury and an insatiable lust for human cash.

In the face of such brute savagery, people bolt their doors, watching fearfully for any signs of hope on their televisions...

28 Years Later - 2007, and the Rage has infected practically the entire population. The Government has lost all legitimacy in the eyes of the people and has been reduced to enacting the orders of the sinister General Murdoch.

A small band of survivors struggle for life in a vicious political wasteland, where roving bands of journalists spread terror and gangs of infected rove the streets, backlashing out viciously at immigrants, benefit claimants, 4x4 owners and chavs.

This apocalyptic vision of Britain reduced to a Darwinian nightmare seems eerily real, sucking the viewer into a world of paranoia and dread. Despite the film's ludicrous premise - that a small band of drooling zombies could infect an entire country, transforming it into a land where citizens unthinkingly attack each other - it paints a curiously believable picture.

The movie's portrait of a nihilistic nation filled with mindless zombies whose only instinct is to savagely assail everyone and everything they encounter is ultimately all too convincing.

28 Years Later is on general release today from all newsagents.

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