Wednesday, May 23, 2007

100,000 Smeared In Decent Left Shite-Cannon Attacks

To save us all time, I thought I'd clear up a couple of points...

I am opposed to - terrorist attacks on civilians and state violence against civilians; propaganda aimed at dehumanising ethnic groups; the chopping off of heads; the use of chemical, nuclear and biological weapons; repression of women, homosexuals and minorities; funding groups who commit terrorist attacks upon civilians; the kidnapping of journalists and other civilians; rape, torture and murder; pre-emptive invasions of soveriegn nations; official discrimination; death squads, religious police and private militia; the use of indiscriminate weaponry such as artillery, warplanes and high explosives in urban areas and totalitarian religious beliefs.

There is entirely too much of this kind of stuff going on these days, and I think that those involved should really cut it out.

Aha, sings David T., Chairman of The Revolutionary Committee For The Betterment of The People's Republic of Harry's Place, I have you now.

Why do you not condemn Lebanon's assault on the Nahr Al-Bared refugee camp? And why do you say nothing of factional violence between Palestinian paramilitaries?

"Curses," I say to myself, "If it hadn't been for those wily Decent Lefties, my plan to assist in the destruction of Israel and the creation of a totalitarian Global Caliphate would have worked."

Huzzah, glorious victory to the People's Movement of Decency, cries the chorus, masturbating furiously. Reload the shite-cannon, and prepare to fire again!

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, or close up the breach with the bodies of foreigners! Give me petty-minded point scoring or give me death!

And in the real world, a shell is fired and arcs into the sky, heavy with murderous potential.

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