Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Snobbery Of The Poor

Ah, it's always entertaining to get a visit from comedy curmudgeon David Duff. For those unacquainted with David, he spends much of his time fretting about the damage that PC attitudes have done to Britain, and has requested that I aim some bile at the "Language Commissars".

Presumably, Mr. Duff means people like Tory leader David Cameron, who has today sacked an MP for making dodgy remarks.

"I have the feeling that you find them acceptable," he opines - the Commissars, that is, rather than the remarks.

Being an actual person, rather than a cardboard cut-out of Viz stalwart Millie Tant, my views are less predictable - I actually think that bigots, racists, Nazis and wanky students waving pro-Jihadi placards should be encouraged to speak their minds, without fear of criminal sanction.

Nasty opinions about foreigners and homosexuals? By all means, speak your mind. Just be aware in doing so you've effectively switched on a blinking neon sign on your forehead, and that everyone you're speaking to is reading the words "I am a resentful, insecure, ignorant prick with shit for brains."

Racist statements are essentially like farts, with the added bonus that anyone who smells it knows instantly who dealt it. Plus, both emanate from arseholes.

As for the Islam hatin' keyboard warriors of the internet, I find it amusing to imagine how strangers would react if one of them were to suddenly launch into a bitter diatribe on the threat of European Dhimmification.

I imagine the reaction they'd get from ordinary people would be much like your reaction to this.

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