Thursday, February 15, 2007

Round-Up - News From The Sandpit

Flow Of Foreign Weaponry Into Iraq "Must Be Stopped"

BBC News, 15th February 2007

Speaking before a crowd of appreciative British soldiers, Prime Minister Tony Blair today said that the flow of weapons and components into Iraq by foreign powers must cease.

"Britain will not tolerate these deadly attacks upon its soldiers," he said. "Foreign powers will not be permitted to send A-10 "tankbusters", attack helicopters and warplanes to attack our troops."

Soldiers loudly applauded the Prime Minister's statement, showing their appreciation by gluing his forehead to a tank and kicking him up the arse until his ears bled...

UK Troops Help Close Borders In Basra
Staff, Customers Perplexed
BBC News, 15th February 2007

U.S. Military Implements New Iraq Plan

But Can "Operation Bigger Shovel" Succeed?

BBC News, 15th February 2007

New Study Finds Majority Of Iraqis "Want Coalition To Leave"

Incidence Of Yawning, Looking At Watch Up 52% - Baghdadis "Have To Be Up Early For Work"

"Goodness, Is That The Time?" - Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Maliki

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