Saturday, February 03, 2007

Liveblogging The Apocalypse

Damn, it would appear that the nation is infested with sneezing poultry and we are all going to die.

In the short term, I would recommend abstaining from bestial sex with turkeys. Sadly, such sacrifices will have to be made.

I'm off out to the shops, hopefully the riots won't have started yet.

Update!: Hell, I was out in the street, couldn't make it to the shops... there are flocks of bloodthirsty turkeys on the rampage, burning cars, their beady eyes filled with madness and hatred for humanity...

Jesus, those bastards bite hard... having difficulty stopping the bleeding - shit, they're trying to break the door down, I'd bettar

Update 2!: They're gone now, looks like they managed to get into the flat downstairs. All I can hear is their insane gobbling... not feeling so good, this wound hurts something awful. I managed to stop the bleeding but Jesus - I can't raise the cops on the phone, they must have got to the lines...

I've got to go, I can hear scratching on the stairs.

Updaate 3!: Feelin terible, i

udtars 44445 urrrrrrr.... brains.... brains.... brains....

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