Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Best Days Of Our Lives

Channel Four are showing "Child Genius" at the moment, an insightful documentary examining talented youngsters from all over the UK. Whether they're writing novels, playing complex piano parts, trouncing all opposition at chess while blindfolded or calculating Pi to the seventy-fourth decimal, it seems there's little these kids can't do.

It's inspiring to see youngsters mastering fields in which most of us grown-ups could only dream of even achieving competence. It actually leaves me feeling hopeful that, with enough hard work, I too can make my dreams become reality.

But such children often find that their gift can also be a curse. The guy who sits next to me at work was a home-schooled child prodigy - he's very shy and lacks all social skills due to his isolation in his formative years. What he really needs is to relive childhood as the average schoolkid did.

So last Thursday I held his head down the toilet while pulling the flush, and when he got back to his desk I'd thrown his briefcase out of the window.

He grassed me up to the boss and I had to stay behind after work, but it's worth the sacrifice - anything for a pal.

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