Sunday, January 21, 2007

Round One To The Rozzers

Doing his part for the betterment of Anglo-American relations, British historian Felipe Fernandez-Armesto has been busted for jaywalking and resisting arrest.

Thankfully, the good Professor didn't have a copy of his 1500-page tome "Millenium" to clobber the arresting officer with, or he'd have been charged with murder.

That book has sat unread on my shelf for six years - just the thought of reading it gives me the Fear. Carelessly dropped, it could cause compound fractures.

This brings to the fore the lesson that all must learn in the arts - don't fuck with historians, lest they open the apocryphal can of whoop-ass on you.

AJP Taylor was famously tetchy - faced with overwhelmingly bad reviews for The Origins Of The Second World War, he took to slicing up critics with a sword-stick.

I once spilt Tom Segev's pint, and he busted two of my ribs. James M. McPherson held his coat for him, the little toad.

Eric Hobsbawm thought it was hilarious, but I knew better than to object. The man's a devil with a drink in him.

Fernandez-Armesto - "Fuck 'em, and their law"

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