Saturday, December 09, 2006

"Conform To My Society," Lunatic Premier Tells Electorate

Not content with banning everything in sight, Tony Blair has now declared that his patience with Britain's radical Muslims is at an end.

How he feels about "gnarly" or "bodacious" Muslims isn't entirely clear, but it's probably a safe bet that he won't be giving speeches describing them as "totally tubular" any time soon.

Well, as any amateur criminologist can tell you, it's young men between 18 and 30 that are most susceptable to extremist indoctrination.

And any amateur psychologist, or even parent, will tell you that the best way to ensure that young men will misbehave is to have powerful authority figures warn them not to.

The fact that this particular authority figure colluded in an attack on an oil-rich Muslim nation is merely the icing on the cake. Let us not forget that this is the same man who had this to say in Los Angeles earlier this year -

"The point about these interventions, however, military and otherwise, is that they were not just about changing regimes but changing the values systems governing the nations concerned. The banner was not actually "regime change", it was "values change"..."

Let's not mess about - with that statement, the PM effectively put white uniforms with red crosses on every British soldier stationed in the middle east. To disaffected young Muslim men, it's confirmation of every paranoid theory that every cranky imam in the mosques of Europe has propagandised upon since 2001.

The PM doesn't live in isolation - unlike the POTUS, he routinely hears analysis that he disagrees with. He's been presented with reports baldly stating that his policies are resulting in increased radicalisation in Britain, yet he hasn't changed his rhetoric one little bit.

I used to think it was because he was mental, and believed his own messianic bullshit. Watching his performance in the US this week, it's become clear that he can't hear these voices because he has George Bush's dick in one ear and Cheney's in the other.

There's a name for those who serve the interests of another country at the expense of their own, and it's not pleasant. It's certainly not a term that I would use lightly.

The sooner we're rid of this self-deluding fantasist, the better.

Apologies for the rant, bullshit inanity will resume shortly.

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