Friday, December 22, 2006

The Blog Meme - Santa's Chewing Gum

I've been tagged again by Not Saussure to participate in a meme - this time, it's "7 best things I did this year".

No messing about -

7. Gave aid and comfort to the enemy.

Well, supported Barcelona against Arsenal in the European Cup Final.

The two are the same thing in some people's minds.

6. Listened to the late Desmond Dekker even more than usual.

And so should you.

5. Put a pound on Portugal to beat England in the World Cup.

Good odds, rather than prejudice.

4. Gave money to the NSPCC.

They said that if I didn't, little Brian would've died.

I hope they don't start threatening to nail the poor little sucker to the ceiling, or I'll be bankrupt.

3. Wised up to the chicanery of alligators.

Why are they called alligators?

Do they alligate? Are they known to make allegations?

Just what the hell are they trying to pull here?

I think we should be told.

2. Visited Amsterdam.

I think so, at least. I have pictures that point towards that conclusion.

1. Took the piss out of anyone and everyone

Tony Blair, Scottish Nationalists, Chavez and Chomsky, The Pope, Fidel Castro, Little Green Footballs, Christopher Hitchens, George W. Bush, Bloggers, Mel Gibson, Creationists, Holocaust Deniers, Pinochet and Thatcher, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Neo-Nazi hooligans, Michael Stone, Donald Rumsfeld, Europhobes, Suicidal celebrities, Muslim fundamentalists, Xenophobes, French Nazis, God botherers, Ariel Sharon, Mobile phone users, Steve Irwin, Art lovers, Ann Coulter, Feminists, Glaswegians, Chechen terrorist Shamil Basayev, Americans and Big Brother devotees.
I'll just tag John Bitches for this one, since he seems to like this kind of thing.

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