Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Sound of One Knee Jerking

With the victims of the Pennsylvania school shooting barely in the ground, the intellectual colossi of the blogosphere turn their attention to stopping repeats of this depressingly familiar slaughter.

It's a difficult issue, since there are so many guns in circulation in the US and gun ownership is seen by millions of Americans as a fundamental right.

I've previously noted the wondrous ability of bloggers to cut through the bullshit and arrive at simple answers to complex questions, but the simplicity of this solution stunned even me.

What's the best way to reduce school shootings? Why, hand out guns to teachers.

Taking Israeli anti-terror initiatives as the model, Dymphna at Gates of Vienna sets out the appropriate measures.

Shoot to Save

Even among districts with an anti-terrorism plan in place, there is virtually no discussion of another option for increasing school safety: arming teachers and administrators.

Israel implemented a similar program in the early 1970s, after a series of bloody Palestinian attacks on Israeli schools. Armed staff members were supplemented by parents who patrolled school grounds with automatic weapons....

...It’s also worth noting that the school shooting in Pearl, Mississippi, was halted by an assistant principal with a gun. When shots rang out, the principal retrieved the weapon from his car and confronted the gunman, who quickly surrendered.

...there are 100,000 schools in our country. Few of them are engaging in the requisite tough thinking required to protect our children, who are at the mercy of those from the psychological left, those who never met an enemy (besides conservatives) that they couldn’t love...

It's so obvious that I'm amazed nobody thought of it before. Thank God for bloggers, intellectual titans of the modern age.

Update! I'm off out to the pub to watch Scotland thrash the European minnows France.

Ignore any later posting, as it'll have been authored by a pissed-up version of myself.

Update 2! As ever, Brendan O'Neill does the intellectual heavy lifting so that I don't have to.

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