Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Scotland vs. the World - Compare and Contrast

Public information notices I've seen in the past few weeks -

Amsterdam, Holland: "Use It And Lose It", poster warning tourists about mobile phone theives operating in the area.

Manchester, England: "Use It And Lose It", poster warning citizens about mp3 player theives operating in the area.

My house, Edinburgh, Scotland, on ITV: Scottish Executive advert urging citizens not to scream filthy abuse at call centre staff, spit on bus drivers or throw bricks at firemen.

I love this country.

(Since this seems like as good a place as any, I thought I might post an example of Scotland's legendary hospitality, as Celtic fans greet fierce rivals Rangers to their stadium ahead of the infamous Old Firm match.

Be warned, once again it's not safe for work, and liable to scare small children and household pets.)

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