Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Generosity of the Scots

Wondrous news this morning, as a study conducted by Dundee University shows that the smoking ban has improved the health of bar workers.

I'm glad to see that the nation takes such an interest in the wellbeing of pub staff, as this represents something of a seismic shift in the relationship between bar-monkey and punter.

I worked seven years on and off, full and part-time, in various pubs and most of that time was spent cleaning up sick, dodging pint glasses and lit cigarettes, taking verbal abuse when the bar was too busy for instantaneous service and mopping up urine.

That the people and politicians could come together in the spirit of mutual concern for the lung capacity of publicans is evidence of a more caring attitude to the hard-working men and women of our service industry.

Now if only the hooting crowds of arseholes who used to swarm by at lunchtime to be waited on hand and foot could put their heads together to work out the meaning of the phrase "service not included", a truly enlightened people we would be.

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