Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Brief Observation

So, Home Secretary John Reid has warned that the Government risks losing the "battle of ideas" to Al-Qaeda.

As I've already noted over at Larry's place, this poses a very pertinent question.

Just how shit are our ideas if we're losing the battle to a gang of murderous knobheads whose best idea so far is "Everybody gets killed, including Al-Qaeda?".

So who's in charge of British ideas? David bloody Icke?

Presumably our "suck up to the worst American government in history, even when they're bombing entire cities to dust" idea has finally run aground on the rocks of reality. It might be too much to hope that the Prime Minister can be persuaded to derail his current train of thought, but perhaps some suggestions could be made for how to win some hearts and minds.

So here's some ideas from me:

"Sorry about all the bombing, old bean, here, have this enormous cheque. Don't spend it all on rocket propelled grenades, now!"

"Ooops, we thought you were someone else. Here, have our defence budget for the next five years."

"Gosh, is that your mother under that rubble? Our mistake, can you give change of ten billion pounds?"

That's me out of ideas, although I imagine those messages would probably go over rather better in the Middle East than "Stop hating us or die, terrorist bastards!" or "How would you like to die for Allah?".

But I always was a crazy dreamer...

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