Thursday, September 14, 2006

Political Correctness Gone Mad

"A fish at a Scottish museum has undergone surgery after visitors complained it was too ugly.

A harmless but unsightly growth was removed from the goldfish, which was on show at the Royal Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh."

This is unbelievable yet entirely predictable, a sure sign of our refusal to face up to the realities of the War on Seafood. Even as fish menace us, slaying our most popular TV personalities, viciously choking diners in restaurants and taunting us with their gaping, moronic faces, the taxpayer is paying for their cosmetic surgery!

It is shocking that we are not only allowing these fish into our country, we are coddling them with benefits and free healthcare. Multispeciesism has been foisted on us by liberal do-gooders and its results are clear to see. If fish cannot integrate into British society, they should return to their own seas and rivers - this misguided policy of welcoming unlimited numbers of fish into the country and giving them more rights than hard working British citizens will end in rivers of caviar.

I believe I have made my feelings on this matter clear.

Now, can anyone tell me how one would perform surgery on a fish? Does the vet operate in a fishtank on a table, or do they get the snorkel on and get up close and personal?

And more to the point, will this fish now score with all those hot, scaly minxes that formerly rejected his advances?

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