Thursday, August 10, 2006

Why Did I Choose Such An Idiotic Pen Name? (Redux)

Originally the second post on this page, from June. Somebody had to ask the question eventually.

So you’re probably wondering, why do I call myself the Flying Rodent?

The answer is simple, although not interesting in any way. A blogger must stake out a clear political position and stick to it no matter what inconvenient facts reality throws in his or her face.

So there I was surfing the net a couple of years ago and I came across the political compass. You‘re probably familiar with it - answer a set of questions on moral issues and it plots your political position on an ideological map, between the positions of libertarian/authoritarian and left/right. The final graph plots your position, relative to notable figures of history. I took the test and was deeply surprised by the result.

The questions are fairly simple, from “Should the government provide assistance for people fallen on hard times?”, to “Should we reintroduce the death penalty?” and “Are your wings a shield of steel?”.

As you can see, my results indicate that I’m a fairly radical leftist-libertarian, putting me smack in-between Mighty Mouse and Batfink. I had thought that I might tend closer towards Swamp Thing and the Hulk, as they were both big influences on my moral development. Plus, I also thought I was more of a centrist.

Nonetheless, the graph has spoken and it’s clear that, politically speaking, I am some form of flying rodent, hence the name.

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