Tuesday, August 01, 2006

There's Something I Don't Like...

...About a band that always smiles.

The Beeb reports that MTV is about to launch a new interactive channel, and throws open the forum for readers to reminisce.

Question: What does MTV mean to you? From what I read, there are a few types of answer:

Sour_Dad_Bollocks: MTV is indicative of the decline of Western culture.

BeyonceSexy: MTV Roooooolz! LOL, Westlife 4eva!

The most common one, however, is a variant on Joe from Minnesota's whinge:

"MTV in America has become a demonstration of the way in which glossy commercialism and celebrity-stalking have overrun our genuine articstic impulses. I see this in the way the channel has degraded from showing non-stop music videos into a string of reality shows about teenagers interacting in environments of conspicuous consumption. It saddens me how the power of soulless advertising has killed MTV's aesthetic heart."

I have similar feelings on advertising and commercialism, but has it now got to the stage where we bemoan the fact that MTV has sold out?

I mean, it's a bit like complaining that militias and terrorist organisations use guerilla tactics.

Ooops - I spoke to soon. Just to show that, no matter how extreme a situation, there's always some warfan a-hollerin' for more.

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