Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Satire Is Dead, Long Live Satire

OK kids, I hope you're sitting comfortably, because this is a corker.

I think the image speaks for itself, but to put it in some context - this is the National Collector's Mint's stab at a commemoration of the 5th anniversity of the September 11 attacks.

Yes, that is a pop-up action on that coin. Yours for the princely sum of $29.95.

Whether you think that a flip-up/fall-down coin is the appropriate way to show your respects for those who died in this particular atrocity is quite up to yourself. I think it's the most tactless, idiotic, wrong-headed thing I've seen in the last five minutes.

I say five minutes, of course, because this frivolous piece of tat reminded me so strongly of the following blogospheric explosion of outrage.

This was the proposed design for the Flight 93 (plane that was crashed by terrorist shitbags on the same day, for those of you who don't remember the details) memorial in Pennsylvania.

What's the first thing you think of when you see this design?

If you see some trees in a pretty pattern, congratulations! You are a normal, rational human being.

If you see the red crescent, an image much beloved of the sons of Mohammed, execrations! You are a right-wing blogger! And the worst part is, it's facing Mecca. Those politically correct, hand-wringing liberals won't be happy 'til we're all living under an Islamofascist theocracy.

In the end, the designers were forced to sculpt a complete circle, proving that citizen journalism is indeed a noble and purposeful calling.

I haven't dredged the depths of the right-wingers today but I'm going to take a guess that the latest commemoration piece, which I think is tacky, tasteless and inappropriate, is not going to attract the same degree of approbrium.

All of which made me speculate, what kind of memorial would meet the approval of the lunatic element of right-wing bloggery?*

Then I remembered - I've already provided them with an icon that would slake both their boundless rage and their mania for melodramatic drivel.

*There's really no need for me to point out that, in right-Blogistan, the "lunatic fringe" get many millions of hits a year and are frequent guests on some of the country's biggest news channels. I just can't resist it.

(Many thanks to Paul for alerting me to the National Mint's touching tribute).

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