Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More Unreasonable Bashing of The World's Most Beloved Poltroon

Kudos to Lakehead University in Northern Ontario, which has had the savvy idea of exploiting blog hysteria as an advertising tool. Some smart cookie has obviously realised that if they pimp their institution by slagging off President Bush they'll get lots of free advertising from perpetually cranky bloggers. No sooner said than done, little ones.

Their website shows this picture with the caption "Graduating From an Ivy League University Doesn't Necessarily Mean You're Smart".

The President of the Student Union has described the publicity campaign as low-brow, low-class and "repugnant", which should mean it'll be a surefire hit amongst bloggers.

Naturally, this has provoked cries of "Bush Derangement Syndrome!" from certain corners.
For the uninitiated, this term refers to the condition of those who hold the entirely rational belief, based upon inexhaustable evidence, that the President of the United States is an unintelligent, incurious, graceless, embarrassing buffoon.

It could be worse, since the Canadians are a famously even-tempered and polite bunch. The advertising campaign my alma mater launched the year I graduated was considerably less polite.

Still, what the Old World lacks in culture and sophistication, it more than makes up for in earthiness and honesty.

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