Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Why Is Everyone So Desperate To...

...Go to Glasgow?

I mean, it's a fine city. Great architecture, great shops, great bars, great nightlife. It even has a cool little underground system, although it looks like it's been transplanted into the 21st century directly from 1974.

But every time I pass the bus or the train station, some haggard geezers or rough looking women with pushchairs ask me for fifty pence towards a ticket to Glasgow. They're even prepared to concoct a patently false story to convince me to part with the cash! Why? What am I missing? I think I should be told.

One would've thought that, with the money they're saving by not buying new clothes or shaving, they'd be able to afford the fare, but I suppose rents are high and times are hard for us all.

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