Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Too Scared To Put Up a Properly Argued Post

Sorry, too terrified to turn on the news. Who knows what I might find?

Definitely too terrified to click on any blogs, but here's my guess what'll be the hot topic of conversation on left and right:

Left: This doesn't look very good at all, why are all those brown children dead? That doesn't seem very nice. And I thought that the Lebanese government was pro-western... I've a good mind to post some pictures of cats.

Right: Yes! Yes! Kill 'em all! Exterminate all the brutes! Iran next, then Syria! Come on CNN, don't mess with those refugees, I want to see
blood and guts and veins in my teeth! Heaped, dead, burnt bodies...

... Oh, shit, I've just coughed my filthy yoghurt onto the keyboard. Mom! Can you bring down some Kleenex?

I'm peeking from between my fingers, and it looks like I'm deadly accurate as usual.

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