Thursday, July 20, 2006

The March of Unreason Continues Apace

Fascinating what one can find on a trawl through the internet. This, for instance, is fascinating.

Children with a unique story filled the halls of Congress on Wednesday to tout their adoptions. However, their parents didn't pick them up from a hospital or group home.

These children were adopted as human embryos and implanted into their mother's wombs. As a result, they were spared dissection in fatal science experiments to be adopted into loving homes.

Known as "snowflake children" -- each child is unique, like a snowflake -- these babies adopted as human embryos are now healthy children no different from their peers.

For the groups and lawmakers sponsoring Wednesday's press conference, the kids are living proof of the lives taken during embryonic stem cell research...

...(Kate) Johnson and her husband Steve are the parents of Zara, a little girl whom they adopted as a human embryo.

"Look at Zara: Would we trade our daughter for chance to have Steve able-bodied again," Johnson asked. "Yet, some members of Congress advocate destroying vulnerable embryos no different from what Zara was at this early stage of human development."

Seems like odd logic to me, but I don't intend to curse the people who participate in this program, since it's likely that many of them are acting from higher principles which I could never even speculate upon, being a heathen and a degenerate.

It just seems a little dishonest to describe testing on embryos as the dissection of children in fatal science experiments. An egg is not a chicken, if you see where I'm going, no more than a boner is a baby.

I mean, if we're getting all weepy over embryos, then you'd better get round my house with a teeny tiny little coffin, because there are some crinkly hankies in my waste paper bin that need a proper Christian burial.

Now that I think of it, it might be worth splashing some holy water on the screen of my laptop, too.

And I apologise to any Americans reading, but I had to do it: this is the leader of the free world throwing his enthusiastic backing behind this manipulative, crybaby bullshit.

Seriously, some days it feels like mocking Bush is like kicking an enthusiastic puppy, if it wasn't for all that "We-bomb-you-long-time" crap he keeps parroting to the camera.

P.S. I'll post something nasty about the lunatic with his finger on our nuclear button next week.

Update: Actually, you'd be best to just read the last rites to my entire bedroom. I am ashamed.

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