Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Beating Your Children - Fun For All The Family!

There's been no little upset around the blogs over the latest exhibition by the photographer Jill Greenberg. Ms. Greenberg has ingeniously photographed the reactions of toddlers to stress situations, earning her the title of "Asshole of the Month" and "Sociopathic Publicity Whore" from this overwrought individual.

The blogosphere, being such a placid oasis of reason and gentility, have described her as "a sick woman who should be charged with child abuse." and a "cunt".

This seems a bit harsh to me. Let's take a look...

And what dread form of torture could induce such pain in these kids?

No, not that. She gave them a lollipop, then took it away.

This is a stroke of sheer genius - the taunting of children as an artform! I have to confess, Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin have always left me cold. Emin in particular has always reminded me of the weird girl in the class at nursery school who wouldn't stop running about with her skirt over her head.

But this is art I can get behind - it enrages everyone, and gives me a chuckle!

P.S. Of course, all of this has just been a feeble excuse to show you some of Jill Greenberg's earlier work, which is truly fantastic. I don't know if it's art - I'll leave that decision to the aesthetes among you - but there's some base part of the human brain that loves a monkey.

Update!: I should've guessed it wouldn't take long for the psychotic squeak-demon Malkin to toss her two cents into the ring. I've just realised that she's La Passionara novo of the right, whose cries of No Pasaran! are directed at Mexicans, rather than fascists. One imagines that General Franco would probably receive a warmer reception in the Malkin house than, say, Frida Kahlo.

I notice she's also pimping the ludicrous Jeff Goldstein's appeal for cash - presumably there are many expenses incurred in hosting a site so your buddies can keep your hard-on for hatred well-fluffed. More power to your arm, Jeff! I personally could do with some cash to finance my stupendous cocaine addiction - Visa, Mastercard and Amex gratefully accepted.

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