Monday, September 21, 2015


So while the Spectator continues to publish endless howls and hoots about the supposed insanity of the left, it's worth noting that the magazine has, in the last few years

- Been censured by the PCC for publishing racist hysterics (Rod Liddle)

- Pled guilty to publishing prejudicial information during the Stephen Lawrence murder trial (Liddle, again)

- Printed an article attempting to rehabilitate the Greek Nazi Golden Dawn party (Taki) and has

- Published a column by a convicted child molester, in which it permitted him to make snotty comments about the "sex abuse allegations industry" (Jonathan King).

To these fine displays of professionalism, we can now add Brendan O'Neill coming out in favour of pig-fucking.

I raise this issue, merely so that the next time one of the Spectator hacks complains about moral relativism at the Guardian, or about outbreaks of social media zoomerism and so on, somebody might point out that e.g. necrophilic bestiality isn't exactly democratic centrism.

We live in hope.


ejh said...

And, of course, harbouring Britain's most notorious plagiarist.

gregorach said...

Is there anything so obviously repugnant that Brendan O'Neill won't write a tediously contrarian article in favour of it? One of these days, I full expect him to end up writing a column in which he argues that child sex abuse isn't actually all that bad. (Assuming that he hasn't done so already... I'm not going to go and check.)

organic cheeseboard said...

In addition to this, also always worth recalling Nick Cohen happily agreeing to speak alongside Douglas 'anyone brown-skinned is not really British' Murray, Anne-Marie 'UKIP Member who loves the EDL' Waters, and of course thus sharing a platform with Tommy Robinson at the 'Passion for Freedom' festival in 2013:

Lots of other deeply dodgy Muslim-haters at that event too. Cohen was previously an enthusiastic promoter of 'Passion for Freedom' but has strangely gone quiet on it recently. wonder why.

Anonymous said...

gregorach, already happened:

gregorach said...

I kind of though it might have, hence the disclaimer... I wish I could say that I'm surprised, but it's probably the least surprising thing I've seen since sunrise.